"That movie you were planning to go on sounds pretty interesting."

From Create Your Own Story

Violet grins. "I didn't know you were a Nicole Kidman fan."

"I'm more of an Eric Sykes fan, actually," you say with a smile. "When does your shift end?"

Violet checks the clock. "An hour and a half. Meet my at my house at 7." She writes her address on the back of a blank order pad.

"Will do," you grin.

You go home, shower, change, and at 7:00 you knock on Violet's door. She's wearing a light-colored dress that shows off her coal-black skin. You kiss her cheek and guide her to your car.

The movie, with you two holding hands the whole time, is thrilling. And you didn't see the ending coming. You drive back to Violet's house, walk her to her door, and give her a long kiss. She doesn't exactly move to break away from you when your lips part.

You are possessing:
Science Teacher
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