"Use the vibrator on my clit, Mistress."

From Create Your Own Story

"Very well," she says.

2 minutes later, you are underneath her, tonguing away at her slit. You hear a buzzing sound, and the vibrator rubs up against your love button.

"Mmmmm," you murmur, not stopping your tongue's motion.

"You're a juicer," the woman giggles. You keep licking and bring her to several climaxes, while she does the same for you with the toy.

"Enough," she finally says, climbing off you and unbinding you. She only leaves the long chain attached to the padded collar, giving you freedom of movement.

"That was wonderful, Mistress," you whisper.

She gives you a sexy grin in response. You perform a needed function, and then she lets you have a bit of rest.

"20 hours left," she chuckles. "Round two is I DP you. Would you prefer I bend you over and fuck your ass from behind with my strap-on while using a toy in your pussy, or would you like me to fuck you missionary while you have a toy in your ass?"

You are possessing:
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