"Well, you are a very attractive woman, Ms. Killeen..."

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Ms. Killeen gives you an appraising look. "No one else seems to think so," she says bitterly. "I haven't had a date in... too long."

You give her a warm smile. "Their loss." You lick your lips. "I think you're a hottie."

"Not tonight," she commands. "I want you to build up for me." She winks suggestively. "Meet me Friday evening, 7:00, at this address."

You take the piece of paper she hands you and open it. "Will do."

The address turns out to be Ms. Killeen's house. She greets you wearing a robe and apparently nothing underneath. "Dinner is ready," she informs you.

You eat heartily. "This is good, Ms. Killeen."

"You may as well call me Lynn," she giggles. "Relax, Jim. I don't bite.... unless you ask me nicely."

You chuckle and continue with dinner. Afterwards, Lynn guides you to her bedroom and removes her robe. As you thought, she's naked beneath it. "Wow," you purr, admiring her well-preserved body openly. "You are gorgeous."

"Enough talk," she husks. "Strip and get on the bed." You do so and Lynn uses one hand to stroke your pole to hardness and the other to tease and finger her pussy. "You're putting this in me," she breathes. "Want me to ride it or would you prefer to take me in the missionary position?"

You moan softly at her touch. "Lynn," you pant,

You are possessing:
College Janitor
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