"Yeah, you're right. Best I train her good."

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"Yeah, you're right", you reply with a grin. "Best I train her good."

You take another sip from your beer and enjoy the moment of debauchery and hot, horny sex.

Six month later:

It had started with Miranda, your six year old, preteen sister. Then you got your hands on Katy, the little sister of the team captain. You and Chad had to put a little work into it, but in the end it all worked marvellous

Training was done for the day and you are now engaged in some steamy, hot sex under the shower. Your cock pistons in and out of the still tight, tiny hole of Miranda, who groans and moans in pleasure as you fuck her roughly. At home she was your sister, but when she's with the team, she was just the fuckslut.

Everyone in the team was fucking her all the time, whenever possible, she and Katy, who was right now in the cabin and sucking off rows and rows of hard cocks, being fondled and groped during this. Both the little sluts were now your team's personal fuck toys, to please you as you wished. After every training, after every game they would be there, ready to be used, as well as on most parties.

Your cock trembled as you blew your load into Miranda's cunt and she squeeled in delight.

Yeah, life was good right now.


You are:
Josh, age 15
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