"Yes, Master. I understand"

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"Yes, Master. I understand," you say obediently.

Your son smiles down at you. "You're such a good obedient little slut, just like I always hoped. But I need to make sure it's not just words. You're going to get a treat, slut. I'm going to allow you to suck your Master's cock until I cum down your throat. If I so much as think I feel a tooth touch my cock, you are going to regret it."

With that he climbs off of you and starts to undress. You watch as he peels off his clothes, revealing his strong young body. He finally turns around and takes your breath away.

His cock is standing proud and erect and is at least 8" long, much bigger than your husband's. He climbs on top of you and grabs your hair, bringing your head forward to his cock.

You open your mouth and he eagerly plunges in. This is when you realize that all of his sexual expertise comes from pornos and internet chat rooms, as he attempts to force the entire length of his cock down your throat on the first thrust.

Do you:

You are possessing:
Young-Looking, Pretty Mother
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