"Yes, Xuan. You're very pretty and I'd like to meet you after school."

From Create Your Own Story

Xuan blushes. "Um..."

"No pressure," you purr softly. "We'll walk to the ice cream parlor and talk over a banana split."

Xuan smiles. "I would like that."

You turn your head to find that Mr. Gaslight is staring directly at you. "Miss Valentine!" he booms. "Miss Tran! Please try to focus on the lecture. Do not hold a side conversation in class!"

"Sorry, sir," you say, turning away from Xuan and staring straight at the chalkboard.

"That's better," Mr. Gaslight grunts. He turns back to the board and resumes droning on and writing incomprehensible gobbledygook. You resist the urge to slit your wrists as you try and at least make a pretense of paying attention. As a demon, you thought you knew what Hell was. Now you know better.

Finally, the bell rings.

The rest of your classes aren't as bad, and you manage to make it through the school day. Xuan is smiling as you take her small hand in yours and walk out the front gate.

You are possessing:
Sporty Blonde Girl
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