"Yes, we had a plan didn't we?"

From Create Your Own Story

You look into her eyes and nod slowly "We had a plan didn't we?" you say, Alyssa looks at you and smiles.

"OK, but only if your sure," she says again just to be sure.

You grab her hand and slide it down into your trousers and panties so she is touching your pussy, "You feel how wet that is right?" you ask her, but before she answers, she slides her middle finger into your pussy.

You bite your lip, trying not too let the pleasure be vocalized, you succeed, and then briefly kiss Alyssa.

You both proceed to strip down to just your panties, then quietly walk down the hall to Josh's room. You wait outside the door while Alyssa makes sure Josh has his blindfold on. She then signals for you to come in. You carefully walk over to Josh, who is now sat on his bed, with his now erect penis. You look at how big it is, and wonder what it would be like to take it inside you.

You kneel down in front of him and begin to stroke his cock. He smiles and says, "This is the best handjob I have ever had, keep going!" not knowing that the best handjob he has had was from his slutty sister.

You look over to Alyssa, and you both decided (without speaking) that it is time to step things up.

Do you...

You are:
Jessica, age 21
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