"You're on, Mom!"

From Create Your Own Story

Your mom smiles brightly. Both of you back up at one end of the pool. You look to the other side and see that it is not far.

"Ready! Set! Go!" your mom says.

You launch off as powerfully as your legs can. You can't see your mom through all the bubbles, but you think you are ahead. You make it halfway through the pool before you need air. When you reach the surface, you can't see Mom, which means she is behind you. Excitedly, you go a few strokes before you are within a body's length of the end. Before you reach it, something in front of you reaches out and grabs you. When you come out of the water, you see your mom in front of you. She bested you!

"Aw, it's OK baby," she says, "you'll win next time. Now my prize..."

After seeing that she won, you realise that when she reached out she grabbed your breasts. Her hands are now held onto your tits. Your mom smiles, and squeezes them a bit.

Give Mom the prize

Get out of the pool and go inside

You are:
Jessica, age 21
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