"Your ass"

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"Now, now..I don't even let your father fuck me there ... I guess it can be our little secret " she says while moving closer to you, putting both arms around your waist.

You can feel her soft hands caressing your skin as she pulls up your shirt and explores your upper body with gentle touches. As she presses herself against your body even closer and kisses you on the neck, the sensation of her breath alone suffices to give you an erection. She then releases you from her embrace and opens up your bulging pants. She takes out your cock and starts stroking it. With a bit of effort, one hand being occupied, she climbs on the kitchen counter top, spreading her legs and revealing she doesn't wear panties. Silently she moves her lips to form the words 'fuck me'.

She leans back and looks you in the eyes... She lets off a small moan as you feel the head of your cock penetrate her tight, virgin asshole. You slid even further into her ass feeling the incredible tightness. You start thrusting heavily, as this is the best sexual experience you have ever had. You lean back and look into your moms face to see she is enjoying it.

She closes her eyes and heavily moans and curls her fingers around the edge of the counter. You smile at her pleasure and proceed to push yourself all the way into her hot, tight ass. As her ass constricts around your cock and you swear you could blow any second, but you hold it in and pull back out halfway and thrust back in. She starts moaning uncontrollably in pleasure at your rhythmic fucking you're giving her. You are getting even hornier at this, a second later you feel the orgasm hit you and you fill your mom's tight asshole with hot cum as she hits her orgasm trembling over the kitchen counter. By the time you have finished the cum is already leaking out her ass.

"We must do that again sometime," she whispers in your ear as you both stand up.

Then you hear footsteps coming down the stairs. You both share a mutual panic and you pull out and slide your pants back on as mom does the same. By the time Jessica walks in from her shower you're sitting down and mom is walking over with breakfast.


You are:
Josh, age 18
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