"Your pussy"

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"Now, now.." she says while moving closer to you, putting both arms around your waist. "You don't want to get your mom pregnant, do you?"

You can feel her soft hands caressing your skin as she pulls up your shirt and explores your upper body with gentle touches. As she presses herself against your body even closer and kisses you on the neck, the sensation of her breath alone suffices to give you an erection.

"Maybe you do.." she continues, kissing her way up to your mouth and stopping shortly before it. "And who am I to deny you the pleasure?"

With these words she presses her lips on yours and kisses you passionately, while you hold her tight against your body and kiss her back. She then releases you from her embrace and opens up your bulging pants. She takes out your cock and starts stroking it. With a bit of effort, one hand being occupied, she climbs on the kitchen counter top, spreading her legs and revealing she doesn't wear panties. Silently she moves her lips to form the words "fuck me"

Do you

You are:
Josh, age 15
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