"Your throat"

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She lets out a giggle. "Mouth isn't deep enough, is it? Oh well", she says, as she starts moving down to her knees, stroking your cock through your underwear with one hand and holding on to your trousers with the other one, "I'm always there for you when you need mommy, aren't I?"

She gently pulls down your underwear and your penis springs out as its suddenly released from the confinement of your pants.

"If you want me to relax you, I am there for you, and I'll do everything to relax you." She starts moving her hand up and down on your cock.

"And if you think, my mouth isn't deep enough for you to get relaxed" she whispers, as she moves her lips to the head of your cock and lets saliva drool out of her mouth onto it. "Then I have to use my throat."

With that she moves her head forward and swallows your dick inch for inch until about two thirds of it are pulsating in the warmth of her mouth. You can feel the top of your manhood sliding through the bottleneck that is your mother's throat and put your hands on her head, holding her in place as you move your cock back and forth, always keeping it deep enough in her mouth to feel the tightness of her throat. She gags a little, as you fuck her throat that way, but it doesn't seem to be uncomfortable for her and she puts her hands on your thighs and pushes you along, every time you lightly thrust forward.

As the pleasure from the warm, wet mouth of your mom grows greater and greater, you lose more and more control. You move your cock back a little bit, so she can catch a breath more easily and then thrust it in with greater force.

She lets off a surprised gasp and tightens her grip around your thighs as you push your cock down all the way down her throat and start moving it fast.

"Oh yeah mommy" you gasp as your movements grow faster and shorter "Take good care of me!"

In ecstasy you look down to see your moms thick lips wrapped around the base of your penis and her watery eyes looking up at you. As you move out a little, she smiles at you and, catching breath giggles:

"You like seeing mommy struggle a bit on your big cock, don't you?" she chuckles a little louder. "Well, I'll gladly do so if that means taking care of you."

You thrust your cock into her still smiling mouth and enjoy the sensation as you feel the back of her throat again. You are fucking her throat as fast and deep as you can now, you having a firm grip on her head, and she holding on tightly to your thighs, and you realize that you are going to cum soon.

What will you do?

You are:
Josh, age 15
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