'Ok, Josh. I am ready. Make me a big girl now!'

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“Ok, Josh. I am ready. Make me a big girl.”

“Ok, Miri,” Josh says as he lightly kisses your lips. “You’re such a sweet little girl. You really are such a wonderful baby sister, Miranda. Let brother feel more of your soft body.' Josh presses himself onto you. He wraps his arms behind your back and holds you tightly, causing you to feel his full weight against your body. You can't help but to start gasping heavily as he begins sliding his cock within you, pumping you gently at first to help the two of you get accustomed to how you both feel.

"You feel incredible, Miri," Josh tells you. "Your pussy is so tight and so hot inside. I can feel your heat. Sweetheart. I LOVE you so much Miri! My sweet, beautiful virgin sister. It feels so good! " You let go of your arms from the headboard bar and wrap them around Josh's neck, so you don't have to fight his rhythm. As soon as you do this, he immediately lean his head down and put his mouth on yours again as the two of you start kissing passionately. You are having trouble to breathe. It almost feels like you are about to suffocate as his tongue reaches inside your mouth like he wants to eat you up like an ice cream.

With each of his stroke, the pain persists, but a tingling sensation starts to pulse from inside your slit all throughout your whole body even to your fingertips. You start to feel warm and strangely, a feeling of pleasure. And it starts to grow stronger and stronger.

As you start to overcome with both the pain and pleasure, you don't know whether you should cry or smile. So you feel like to doing both, as a little smile appears on your face while you still have tears trickling from your eyes. You try to make a sound, but with Josh's tongue stirring in your mouth, it really sounds like a little kitten meowing with a whimper. Josh begins to penetrate you with increasing intensity, his groans and gasps become louder and more urgent as he thrust his cock in and out of your little slit with greater energy and power. And he goes deeper and harder each time he moves.

You move your face away from his mouth trying to catch a breath, while doing so; you also get a peek at his dick as it grows in size. It is red and shiny covered in your blood and his cum. Since you are so petite and thin, each time he moves in you, you’re pretty sure you can see your stomach bulge a little bit. It is like a big monster trying to stir you and shred you apart from inside. It’s actually a bit frightening. But you are becoming a big girl now. So you must be brave.

"Josh, you’re happy, right? That I am becoming a big girl." You ask.

"Yes Miri, I am really happy. Part of becoming a big girl is to make your brother happy. And you are doing really well. But if you move as well, you will be the best big girl in the world ever!" Josh says.

You try your best to pleasure Josh

You don't know what to do

You are:
Miranda, age 17
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