(Charisma) Talk to the Raider Leader

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"Hey, what's up, man?" you say, walking out from behind the trailer.

The Raider pulls a rather big gun out and aims it at you.

"You have exactly three seconds to tell me why I shouldn't kill you."

"Well, bro, I'll give you two reasons. One, I'd just be a waste of bullets. Secondly, I happen to know how to get into that Vault there."

"Really, hotshot?" the Raider says, scoffing. "And what, I suppose you want half of the bounty?"

"No, actually, I'll settle with living."

"Hmph, smart guy. Fine, you get me in, I probably don't kill you."

You don't particularly like the 'probably' part, but with luck you won't come to that. Walking to the elevator command center, you plug in your Pipboy and activate the elevator. You walk back to the Raider, who's now on the elevator.

"Great, now how does it go down?"

You stand a few feet from him, on the other side of him is a control panel, which you have no clue what it controls, since the elevator is controlled via Pipboy.

"Well, all you have to do is press that button behind you on that panel." you say.

Wary, the Raider turns his back to push the button. With lightning speed, you pull his Fusion Core out of the armor.

"Hey! I can't move! I'm gonna kill you!"

While he cusses you out, you put 4 mines around him and back up, shoot one, and watch as destroyed Power Armor rains from the sky.

Now you...

Go in the Vault

Data Tips Quest:


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