(Cum in Jessica's mouth)

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You start to pull out but Jessica clamp on and deep-throated you as you came hard filling her throat and mouth she gags a bit but you can see her smiling as you pull your cock out of her mouth. She swallows it all down "mmm you taste good sir" she coos

You smile back at her "I gotta say that was one of the best blow jobs I've ever gotten"

"I love giving head and swallowing is the best part, I love the taste and yours is particularly yummy" she beams at you. She collects her clothes "that was a lot of fun we need to do this again."

And you do it becomes such a regular thing often times Jessica is hiding under your desk naked sucking on your cock while you're in your office many times while there is someone else none the wiser what's going on. She seems to be addicted to it, sucking cock that is, your cock specifically, and you are ok with that. Jessica has become your willing cock sucking slave and it lasts till she graduates.

The End

You got a pretty good ending, want to try again?

Status Bar
Health 100 Equipment:

Whistle t-shirt, trainers

Status Happy, ejaculating
Gender Male
Social Group Gym Teacher
Boyfriend/Girlfriend Jessica sucks your cock all the time
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