(Cum on Jessica's face)

From Create Your Own Story

You pull your cock out of Jessica's sweet mouth and spray your cum all over her face. She sputters a bit "ow, shit some of it got in My eye" she wipes it away "its fine occupational hazard and all that right. Well I think I got what I needed out of my system. Thank you sir maybe we can do this again sometime?" She smiles puts her clothes back on.

Jessica fools around with you every now and again it never gets all that's serious but hey you really don't need all that noise anyway right. It's fun having fun with her.

Game over

Want to try again?

High School

Status Bar
Health 100 Equipment:

Whistle, t-shirt, trainers

Status Happy, soft in refraction
Gender Male
Social Group Gym Teacher
Boyfriend/Girlfriend Jessica is your fuck buddy
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