... a tense horror film

From Create Your Own Story

"I can pick any of these?" you ask, gesturing to the shelf of DVD's.

Vickie nods. "I like them all, or I wouldn't own them."

You pull what looks like a horror film off the shelf, and Vickie giggles. She pops it in the player.

The film is quite scary, but Vickie doesn't seem the least bit fazed. "I've seen it 10 times."

You shudder as the movie moves towards its climax and curl up with your head on Vickie's chest. She snuggles you tightly. Her cuddles are reassuring, and you relax slightly.

You're still a bit shaken when the movie ends. Vickie carries you to the bed. "Let me get your mind off it." She strokes your cock to full hardness.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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