... tell chad you want to try her ass out

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She shouldn't be here. And you should never have left her there. But now it's too late and you can not turn back the time. Your kid sister Miranda had been fucked by a whole football team and you have allowed that. She is laying on the covers of Chad's bed like a rag doll, completely out of it, fucked into oblivion so to say. And you're so fucking horny like never before in your life.

You have already fucked her cunt and you're dying to find out what her ass feels like.

"Sure I do", you reply after a few moments of silence and without waiting another beat you kneel on the bed behind your kid sister. Again you are reminded how small she is compared to you and that makes it even more perverted and sexual.

You hesitate for another moment, savoring the moment, before grabbing her hips with your hand and forcing her ass up. She does not resist you, she only moans a little, like out of reflex by now, begging you for more. What have they done to her to turn her into such a slat? Not willing to think too much about it you align your raging cock with her pucker and then force it in.

She screams out in pleasure in pain both as you push your pulsating dick into her backdoor. If you thought that her cunt had been tight, her asshole is even more so, strangling you with all it's might.

Then you begin to fuck her ass without remorse, plunging your cock into her without mercy, holding nothing back. With every push she wails in pleasure and pain, screaming and panting and moaning, begging for you to fuck her slutty body harder and cum inside her, to fill her with your thick cream.

You fuck your sisters ass with long, quick thrusts, plunging your entire length into her again and again. Soon you feel the need to release into her bowels, knowing that you will not hold out for much longer. You can't resist her anymore and soon you shoot your load into her ass, erupting into her pre-teen behind. She moans as she feels your hot spunk, arching her back.

Then you pull out and step away from her, leaving her shivering and panting.

You are:
Josh, age 15
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