... you go over to Kellie's house to spend the weekend

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You've already cleared it with your parents, so that's not an issue.

Kellie introduces you to her parents when you arrive.

"Belle, is it? She's gorgeous."

"You have good taste in girls."

You blush.

Kellie's mom proves to be a good chef. You stay quiet and focus on eating.

"She's kind of shy."

"But you know what they say about the shy ones."

Kellie giggles. "I know."

Kellie takes you up to her room afterwards. "I've been waiting all week for this, Belle."

She bends you over the bed and slides her lubed-up strap-on into you. You moan with pleasure as once again, she is gentle and tender.

"You're a very caring lover," you whisper.

Kellie giggles. "I'm glad you think so."

She climaxes three times. Her toy must have a clitoral stimulator. You make a mess of your panties again.

"So she's a sub."

Kellie's parents are standing in the doorway. Kellie must have forgotten to close the door.

Kellie flips down your skirt, and you stand up and face them.

"Do you like being our daughter's sub, Belle?"

You nod eagerly.

"Does she treat you right?"

You make your voice as high and girlish as possible. "She does."

"Carry on, then."

Her parents leave, closing the door behind them.

Kellie takes you into the attached bathroom and cleans you up, then cleans her strap-on. She then gives you a clean pair of panties. "Go ahead and strip to your underwear, Belle."

Five minutes later, the two of you are lying in her bed. Kellie wraps her arms around you from behind and kisses your neck. "You're sweet."

"So are you."

She turns out the light, and you gradually fade into sleep.

You come awake some time later. Kellie is making slow love to you from behind. She must think you're still asleep, as her movements are very gentle. The clock on her nightstand says it's 3:30 a.m. Her toy fills you up nicely.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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