...between Valerie's luscious breasts

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"Between those succulent mounds of yours," you moan.

"Sounds wonderful," Valerie husks. She strokes your rod for a moment before lying you down with your legs spread and getting in between them. She slides you in between her magnificent globes and you tremble.

"Oh... oh my... Valerie..." is all you can manage before your breathing gets heavy and your voice dissolves into a moan. You move your hips and slide your pole in between her breasts. It feels almost as good as being inside a pussy. You shudder as your pole is enveloped by Valerie's sexy flesh.

"Mmmmmm, Xavier," Valerie purrs. "Are you getting all heated up?" She dips her head so she can lick the tip of your rod every time you thrust it upwards. You almost cum on the spot. "That's it," Valerie gasps. You notice her hand between her legs as her own breathing grows heavy. "Cum for me."

"Oh, Val!" you howl. "Ohhhh..." You can't hold back and you begin firing. Hot, sticky jets of sperm coat Valerie's face, neck and chest by the time you finish. Judging by the primal scream she let out as your cum hit her, she must have had a tremendous climax of her own.

"Tasty," she purrs, licking the sperm off her lips. She scoops as much as she can off the rest of her and swallows it out of her hand. She lies down next to you and wraps her arms around your spent body.

"Mmmmmm," you whisper. "That was wonderful." Valerie pulls you more tightly against her and you lock your arms around her lithe frame.

You are possessing:
Red-Haired College Stud
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