...escort your new lovers to Kerri's house

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You walk Kerri and Angela over to Kerri's house, the three of you chattering away pleasantly. Kerri's mom isn't surprised to see Angela, but you're a new face. You introduce yourself and head up to Kerri's bedroom. 45 minutes is enough to dispose of homework and studying, with three sharp brains in the room, and then you all strip and get down to the real business at hand.

"Wow," you whisper, gently caressing both Kerri and Angela. "You two are even more beautiful than it seemed this morning. The lighting in that corner didn't allow me to fully appreciate the sexiness of your bodies."

Kerri blushes. "Flatterer."

"It's not flattery if it's true," you purr. You tease Kerri's nipples with one hand and her labia with the other hand while kissing your way around Angela's small, firm breasts. Kerri is running a finger along Angela's slit and Angela is kissing your neck while her hands explore your body. After a few minutes, everyone gets heated up and you form a daisy chain.

You lose track of time as you concentrate on licking and being licked. The smell of girl love fills the room as the three of you have climax after climax. Finally, spent, you all crawl under the covers. You end up in the middle, with Kerri on your left and Angela on your right. Both girls are resting their heads against your shoulder as they lie still, trying to recover from the intense session.

Kerri's mom walks into the room. "Dinner in 10 minutes," she says with a smile. "I'm glad you girls enjoyed yourselves."

After dinner, you all strip and snuggle in Kerri's bed.

You are possessing:
Beautiful 14-year-old
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