...offer to soap up Xuan's back in return

From Create Your Own Story

"Thank you, Xuan," you whisper. "Let me return the favor."

"All right," Xuan murmurs. You carefully lather up Xuan's back, softly caressing her spine as you do so. Xuan lets out several almost inaudible moans and her body shivers slightly. She rinses off and looks at you.

"Yes?" you husk.

"Um..." Xuan mutters. "Daisy... um... what you did..."

"Lathering your back, like you did for me?" you smile.

"It... um... well..." Xuan stammers, blushing. She looks down at the floor. "I... felt excited... when... you touched me." She blushes more deeply.

"That's nothing to be ashamed of," you purr. "Why don't we dress now and talk after school is over?"

"Thank you," Xuan says, smiling softly. "I would like that."

When you meet her after school, you...

You are possessing:
Blonde Girl
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