...spread her legs so you can take her sweet pussy from behind

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You softly spread Jessica's long legs apart. Jessica leans forward slightly, knowing what you're about to do, to grant you easier access. "Yes, Quincy," she husks. "Take me now."

"As you wish, Jessica," you reply. You tease her for an instant, rubbing the head of your dick against her clit and making her gasp, before you give her what she wants. You slide your throbbing rod into her waiting box, reaching around to cup her breasts. Jessica moans as you begin steadily pumping into her.

"Oh... oh my..." Jessica purrs. "Don't stop." You softly tweak her nipples as you thrust in and out. Jessica's body shudders and you can feel her getting close. You increase your thrusting speed. In between howls of passion, Jessica manages to gasp out, "I'm... gonna... cum..."

"That's... the idea..." you pant as your own body tenses. Jessica lets out a scream of pure lust as her pussy spasms around your pulsing cock. Her climax sets you off and you fire jet after jet of sperm into her. When you both recover enough to be aware of the outside world, you notice the water in the shower has turned cold. You turn it off, step out, and you and Jessica dry off.

"Wow," Jessica moans, still on a sexual high from her climax. "That was wonderful, Quincy."

"I'm glad you liked it," you smile.

You are possessing:
Blond College-Age Hunk
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