...take Ashley back to your modest home

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You gently guide Ashley to your house as the two of you chatter pleasantly. You get the distinct impression that under her veneer of snobbishness and superiority is a girl who is desperately lonely and secretly wants to be liked, but can't admit to having that all-too-human weakness.

When you arrive home, you introduce Ashley to your mom, who greets her warmly. "So you met because you have the same gym class?" she smiles.

"And two other classes," Ashley says. You two naturally compared schedules on the way home.

"Great," Mom giggles. "If you're staying for dinner, you can meet Mr. Valentine. He works for URD Corporation as an office manager."

"My dad's company," Ashley responds softly. "Is his first name Roger, by any chance?"

"It is," Mom replies.

Ashley laughs. "Dad says he's the most productive manager in the whole company."

You and Ashley head for your bedroom. "Have fun, girls," Mom calls out as you depart.

45 minutes later, your homework is finished and Ashley has called her father to let him know where she is. "Now," Ashley husks, "let's have some fun, Daisy."

3 minutes later, there are two piles of clothes on the floor and you and Ashley are naked in your bed.

You are possessing:
Blonde Girl
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