...tall, lanky, brown-haired vampire

From Create Your Own Story

"Come," you say, taking his slim hand in yours. He smiles and walks with you to your house.

"You're pretty," he grins. You chat pleasantly for the few blocks remaining to your house, and he uses his powers to insinuate himself into your mind.

"You've already won me over," you giggle. "You don't need to mentally try and control me."

He laughs. "Force of habit, I guess." You lock the door behind you and take him straight to the bedroom. 2 minutes later, you're both naked and lying on your bed. You wrap your hand around his thick pole and stroke him to full hardness.

"Nice," you purr. You tease his balls with your fingertips. He lets out a soft moan. His hands caress your body and he dips his head to kiss his way in between your large breasts. You shiver with delight. He begins suckling on a nipple and you gasp.

"I'm glad you like," he grunts from around a mouthful of tit-flesh.

You are possessing:
Big Black Slutty Woman
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