...to her house, heading for her normal, undistinguished bedroom

From Create Your Own Story

You're joined en route by Kerri's friend Angela. "What's happening here?" she asks.

"Are you two joined at the hip?" you giggle. "Well, the more the merrier. We'll start by getting the homework portion of today out of the way."

"What does that mean, the more the merrier?" Angela inquires.

You wrap the arm not holding Kerri's hand around Angela and press her momentarily against you. "It means that I don't mind sharing Kerri."

"Um..." Angela mumbles. You put a finger to her lips and give her a reassuring smile.

After finishing the studying part of the day, you lock eyes with Kerri, and the two of you disrobe and lie on the bed. Angela is standing there looking stunned. "Don't be shy," you say. "I'll be gentle."

Angela reluctantly strips and joins you. "You're both beautiful," you whisper, as the two friends snuggle on either side of you. You caress first one breast each, then after they shiver, one slit each. Both girls start letting out soft moans.

"Let's daisy-chain," you say. Bodies are rearranged into a triangle.

You are possessing:
Beautiful 14-year-old
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