...your double-headed dildo with the 24 inches of flexible tubing in the middle

From Create Your Own Story

You grab the double-headed dildo. Kerri smiles. "Let's lube it up."

"Good thinking," you giggle. You take one end and slide it along your slit, which quickly begins juicing. Kerri does the same thing with the other. In moments, you're both ready to go and both ends of the dildo are coated with pussy juice.

"I can't wait," Kerri pants, slipping her end inside her. You do the same to the end you're holding and you both begin pumping yourselves furiously. You lean in and kiss Kerri on the lips. Her tongue invades your mouth as you both writhe in pleasure.

You are both too hot to stop. After what seems like hours, but is only about 45 minutes, the room is filled with the smell of girl love and you and Kerri are spent. You toss the double-headed dildo aside and collapse in each other's arms.

"Wow," you breathe when you have the energy to speak.

"Ashley, you're awesome," Kerri murmurs. You curl up in her arms and close your eyes...

The next morning, everyone at school is talking about the surprise romance as they surround you two upon your arrival.

"I never would have thought you two would be a couple," Kerri's friend Angela says in shock.

"This is the last thing I expected," blonde Daisy chimes in.

Maybe you'd better switch into someone else, before you get in trouble, a voice sounds in your head. Seems like you're creating happiness instead of chaos.

You are possessing:
Snotty girl
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