15 years from now

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You're woken up by the familiar sensation of lips around your cock. Blindly you reach down and pat the head buried in your crotch. Your fingers tangle in unruly curls, and the sucking stops long enough for a young female voice to giggle: "Dad, leave my hair alone!"

Patting her head once more, you smile and open your eyes to the beautiful sight of Amber, your eldest daughter, sucking your dick as if it's a lollipop that she can't get enough of. Which is true enough - by the time she hit puberty she'd been eagerly watching her mom (and yours) pleasure you for years, and now, at fourteen, it's still one of her favorite things to do. Still not quite awake, you allow your eyes to close again, feeling incredibly relaxed and comfortable.

Amber's naked body, growing rounder each day with her first child, your gift to her for her fourteenth birthday, is keeping your front warm while you can feel Jessica hot against your back. She's pregnant as well, of course, has been pretty much constantly since that first time in the kitchen all those years ago. You've been using your demon powers to push her human body past its natural limits, making it possible for her to carry multiple pregnancies, giving birth while already pregnant again with one or more children. She's given you 26 healthy children so far, and you have no intention of stopping any time soon, especially now that your oldest kids have started getting in on the fun.

As a matter of fact, this reminds you of an idea you had last night when fucking Jessica from behind, her heavy belly brushing the sheets beneath her, as were her massive tits, forever swollen with milk. She'd moaned wordlessly with your every thrust, unable to speak because her mouth was busy sucking off Vincent, your eldest son. It had been a great "fuck you" to your father, naming your firstborn son with his wife after him, and you have been affectionally watching the boy grow into almost as much of a lust-fiend as his father/half-brother.

Now you rouse yourself enough from the pleasures of Amber's mouth and last night's memories to call: "Vincent, come here, son!"

A rustle and then a giggle is your response, and you open your eyes to find your son already in bed with you, apparently buried hilt-deep inside his sister. Your respect for Amber's skills at giving head grows even further, since nothing in her demeanor had betrayed what must be quite a distraction, considering that Vincent is already 8 inches when erect. Her mother has been teaching her well, and her body is by now quite used to being fucked. The thought lets the first drops of pre-cum spill into Amber's waiting mouth, and you reward her with a smile when she licks them off hungrily. But you had a surprise to share, so you tamp down on your arousal, although you don't tell Amber to stop. You have been hard 24 hours a day for 15 years now; talking while getting head is relatively simple, it even adds to the thrill to have to reign yourself in.

But should you?

You are possessing:
33-year-old man
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