18 years

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It has been 18 long years since you took hold of young Brandon's body and first fucked his mom. Two weeks after you got her pregnant, a mugger shot and killed your dad, and for once, you actually didn't have a hand in that. Nine months later, she gave birth to a baby girl and named her Melody. Eventually you had to tell Valerie that Melody was your daughter, to which she responded by going off the grid for about six months. When she came back she was calmer and accepted it.

Today, things are different. You, your mom, and your sister have all gotten over your father's passing. Valerie accepts that you fuck your mom, but she doesn't know how much two do it. She doesn't know that every single night you two are awake for hours, sucking and fucking each other sore. Here's a quick update on your family.

Brandon has grown into a handsome young man, 36 years old. You attend college where you have a girlfriend your age, just as passionate as you are. You live in a conjoined apartment with your mother, who had to move out of the house after your dad wasn't around to pay mortgage.

Valerie lives with her boyfriend, a couple blocks away from your apartment. She is now 38 years old and, after an incident with her boyfriend, 9 months pregnant. Her tits have grow to an astounding DD cup and her ass has fleshed out. She resembles what your mom looked like 18 years ago. While around Melody, she acknowledges you as her step dad, and she pretends you're older than her.

Jessica lives in a conjoined apartment with yours. She should look 58, but using your demon powers, you've slowed her aging so she barely looks like she's entered her forties. Raising Melody has been difficult for her, but she's managed, releasing stress in your nightly sessions. Her tits have swelled to an F cup and her ass is plumper, yet still firm. Your demon powers have kept you from getting her pregnant again, but that may end soon.

Melody lives with Jessica. She has grown up believing that you are her father and Valerie her step sister. She has just turned 18 years old as is still in high school. She has turned out to be beautiful. She has a pretty face, D cup tits, and a small ass.

You wake up in your apartment, satisfied that your time of being relatively dormant is over. Do you...

You are possessing:
36-year-old man
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