1st Time/Shyness

From Create Your Own Story

“Don't worry about boners in here, Jeremy. It happens to us all. Also, you might want to shave your pubes. All the guys do it and you might feel like an outsider if you don't.”

“Everybody shaves their pubes,” you say, trying to recover. You glance again at Derek, noticing his being completely smooth.

“Yup, total body hair removal makes you go faster,” Derek says, then looks down at you. “Oh, and don't be ashamed cause you're small or anything.”

It's as if they ignored what I just told them before! Maybe I was muttering...

"I thought we don't worry about boners in here?"

"Right you are. Sorry about that," says Derek, surprised from his own hypocrisy. "Tell you what. I'll make it up to you. How about hanging out at the mall later tonight?"

What do you say?

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