1st Time/Swim Team

From Create Your Own Story

You have decided to sign up for the swim team.

With luck, time tends to fly by so quickly.

Once inside the shower room, you see that the room has no individual stalls nor a divider in any way - all you see are several shower heads with soup dispensers. What's more, it reeks of chlorine.

You notice a sign that says to "save water and buddy up." You then blush at the thought of sharing a shower with Derek.

Speaking of the devil, you see Derek walk over to one of the shower heads. As he notices you, he waves you over to the head next to him.

Thank God he did not ask me to share with him! you think, sighing.

And so you head over to start washing off, continuously building up and rinsing some soap off your body. Curiously, of course, you glance to the guy beside you. Surprisingly, you see a full erect Derek next to you, with a huge boner that must be at least 8 inches long!


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