25 (IE/BF) -- Carry Sean into the kitchen and refuel your bodies

From Create Your Own Story

You cradle Sean in your arms as you lumber to the kitchen. You plonk him into a chair and prepare a simple meal.

After eating, the white boy seems a bit less out of it. You feel more energized as well.

"Thanks," he murmurs. "You're very nice."

You scoop him back into your arms. "You're so cute and adorable." You kiss him and grope his butt teasingly.

You recall that he brought a movie. You lie him on top of you as you settle on the couch, and you cuddle and caress him, paying no attention to the movie playing in the background.

He's quiet and passive. The only thing he does is put his arms around you. He spends the movie with his head between your large breasts.

You get the feeling he'd make a great submissive.

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