25 (IE/BF) -- Keep Sean forever as your submissive

From Create Your Own Story

When the movie ends. you lift his head out of your chest so you can look him in the eyes.

"You're very cute," you purr. "And it's obvious you like me a lot."

"Y-yes, I do," he murmurs.

"Want to be with me forever?"

His eyes light up. Unable to speak, he nods and clings more tightly to you.

"Good. Because that's how long I'm keeping you, you cute little thing. I'll take care of you and you service me any time I want."

"Service... you?"

"Sexually, you cute, innocent little boy. You're better at it than you think you are. I'll train you up."


He proves to be a wonderful, caring, sweet, loving sub, and his genuine devotion makes you care for him very well.

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