25 (IE/BF) -- Lie on your back so Sean can do you in the missionary position this time

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to let Sean have a little more control. You lie on your back and help him position himself between your legs.

He eases his way in, then begins to move slowly, still unsure of himself.

"Fuck me harder, sweetie," you purr.

Sean speeds up a bit. You'd still call it more "lovemaking" than "fucking", but it's enough to get you hot. You quickly climax.

Sean looks surprised. "Did... I do that?"

"Yes, honey," you whisper. "Now keep going and make me cum again."

Encouraged by his success at giving you pleasure, the white boy starts drilling you harder and deeper. You lock your legs around his hips and pull his torso downwards so you can kiss him. You climax again while your tongue is halfway down his throat. You keep your lips locked against his and use your pussy to actively milk his cock. On your third climax, you succeed in draining his balls.

You finally break the lip-lock. Sean collapses on top of you, his head on your upper chest. He looks dazed and spent.

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