69 with the plump girl, her on top

From Create Your Own Story

You start maneuvering the plump girl into a 69. She sees what you'redoing and smiles, adjusting her position and then lowering herself downwards.

You thirstily lap up her juices before sliding your tongue between her folds. Her tongue slides up and down along your hard shaft.

You quickly make her gush. She locks her legs more firmly around your head and keeps tonguing you.

After you make her climax about five more times, your body tenses up and you blast a load down her very eager throat.

She climbs off you and lies next to you. "Thanks, stud. I needed that. Oh, I'm Kate."


Kate wraps you in her arms. Your head ends up between her pillowy breasts.

"Time to rest."

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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