6 Months

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It's been 5 months since you took possession of Brandon's body and used it to seed the womb of his sexy young mother Jessica. Her body is coming along with the pregnancy in fine shape, her tummy rounding slightly to make room for the baby and her already large breasts have started to swell, now pushing E cups. You have settled into a routine as well. Going to school and skating right through it with little effort, leaving you plenty of time for the occasional romp in the broom closet with one of a few teachers you have managed to seduce. Thus far you have managed to keep Brandon's sister Valerie out of the loop as far as your affair with her mother goes.

You have also managed to score a cheerleader girlfriend who rides the same bus as you. After completing your usual routine at school, you head outside and get on the bus to find your girlfriend Heather already waiting for you in your usual seat close to the back on the rarely crowded bus. As you walk back, you get the everyday nods from a few of the boys in daily respect to you for netting such a fine catch. Once you get to the back with Heather, you sit down next to her as the bus starts moving, the nearest student to the two of you sitting three rows away. She leans in and kisses your cheek and wraps one of her arms around your shoulders as you press your back against the seat and your left hand into her inner thigh.

Heather is a big-boobed, redheaded beauty with a taste for big cock and for someone who knows where all the right spots to touch her are. You wanted to fuck her from the first time you saw her when she barely looked your way and you had to get a little more aggressive to make sure she took more notice of you. You offered her a glance or two at the size of your rod while taking in a high school basketball game that she was cheerleading for. You were sitting in the front row, moving several times to make sure to be right in front of her the whole game, making a show of adjusting your enormous erection when at the end of the game curiosity got the best of her and she asked to see it firsthand. She wagered that if it wasn't some sort of trick and your cock really was that big that she would suck you off. A blow job, a few finger- and tongue-induced orgasms and 4 months of fucking later, you have a girlfriend that would tell off the star quarterback in favor of your hand.

After the bus drops the first person off at their house and you are sure that every one is done staring at Heather, you slip your hand deeper between her legs and lean your face up to meet hers. She takes your mouth deeply into a kiss, willing to be felt up, kissed and fucked wherever and whenever the urge strikes you no matter who is around.

You have a half hour to kill before Heather gets off the bus and another lonely ten minutes after that till you do.

So you decide to:

You are possessing:
Brandon, almost 19
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