ANH: Refusing to be left out, Leia puts Luke's talented tongue to work pleasuring her pussy

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while Han is fucking Lukes ass, Leia decides to grab Lukes head and drive to her wet pussy. “ oh my god, Luke” she moans. While that Is happening Han compliments the tightness of Luke’s asshole. “ So fucking tight” he mutters.

Luke is eating Leias pussy so well that so that she cums, “oh my god Luke, yes right there”. That was the first of many orgasms that Luke gave to Leia while he was being fucked in the ass my Han Solo.

Han Solo is barley able to handle Lukes tightness. “Oh fuck Luke I’m about to cum. “Me too says Leia. “ Luke muffles “me three but no one can make that out since his mouth is buried in Leias pussy.

Like dominoes, Han cums first in Lukes ass, followed by Luke cumming and lastly Leia screaming to the heavens as this was her 3rd orgasm and it was her most intense one of them all.

Star Wars: The Complete Erotic Saga
Han Solo
A New Hope

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