A Weighty Problem

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & ???

You lay on your back, tied by ankles, elbows and wrists to a hard stone slab. You are still naked. You look around, trying to find anyone who can help you, but you appear to be alone.

Even so, you try to call out for help. "Hello? Can anyone hear me? Is anyone there? Help me!"

You listen for any evidence that someone has heard you, but you hear nothing except for your own rapid, gasping breaths.

That soon changes. You gradually realize you can hear a whirring, grinding sound. You look around, but you can't figure out where it is coming from, at least at first.

It takes you a while to realize that the stone ceiling above you is getting lower. It is moving with excruciating slowness.

You start to beg for your life. When that doesn't work, you scream and start to struggle with the bonds around your wrists and ankles, but they are so tight that your hands and feet are already numb.

The ceiling was a good ten feet above you. You have no idea how long it takes it to move toward you, but it isn't very fast. You watch it every second, panicking as it slowly gets lower and lower. It is a snug fit, and the small room you are in is getting darker as it pushes closer to you, blocking the little light there is.

Then the ceiling is touching your body, crushing your toes and squeezing your breasts into your body.

You start to cry again as the slab pushes on your face, your chest, your belly, your legs. The pressure is incredible, and rather painful. You feel like you are slowly being squished, which of course you are.

As the slab continues to press on you, you feel pain, which grows and grows. Your vision is going gray and getting blurry. You can't breath -- the slab seems to be pushing the air out of your lungs, and not letting you draw any more in.

The slab crushes your bones and pulp your internal organs for a surprisingly long time before you expire. It doesn't stop until it is resting on the slab under you.


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