A bad part of town

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Your niece listens to her favorite Hannah Montana songs along your trip, falling asleep laying down in your back seat with her headphones on. You get to the shady part of town near the airport. A pretty young redheaded whore wearing a spiked collar, by your guess a year or two younger than you, approaches your car. She compliments you on how pretty you are then asks you, "Want a job?"

This makes you curious. You ask her, "What kind of job?"

She says, "It pays a lot of money, and you have the body for it."

The young girl's apparent pimp is standing about 20 feet back from the girl, watching her try to recruit you. He is a large black man in a purple suit with a purple hat that has a feather in it, and you got no money. You would like to make some money... What do you do?

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You are possessing:
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