A blue truck with a small cab

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You walk up to flatbed truck with a blue cab. You give the driver a wave and he opens the door. "I sure am lonely, honey," the fat man in the old dirty T-shirt says. "Why don't you get in here and keep me company?"

"You got something for me?" you ask coyly.

"Yeah, come on."

You climb in the truck and sit beside the driver. He pulls out a wad of bills and hands you $30 as he opens his pants. You reach into your purse and pull out a condom. You grab his thick cock and roll the condom on over it, noticing his curly untrimmed pubes. A musky odor fills your nose as you slip your mouth over his latex-covered rod. You close your eyes and slowly work his cock with your mouth, his fat belly rubbing against your cheek and his pubes tickling your nose. You feel his hand squeeze inside your skirt and fondle your panty covered pussy making you get wet as you increase the pace of your blowjob. "Oh ya... work it honey" You look up at him and keep sucking, your hand pumping his shaft.

The driver pulls out two fifty dollar bills. "How about a fuck without a condom? I'll give you a hundred bucks."

Do you:

You are possessing:
Young-Looking, Pretty Mother
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