A curious boy

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and flushed

You turn around and it's a young boy. On the one hand you're relieved it's not some pervert. On the other you are embarrassed to be exposing yourself to such a young boy.

"Why do you have a hole where your weiner should be?", he asks bluntly.

Your face gets redder than it's ever been and you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind "I lost mine and I'm looking for it."

"Oh, maybe you should wear underpants next time so you don't lose it," he suggests.

"You're right ", you respond. You realize you have to end this conversation soon. It's one thing to be caught running around naked. If someone sees you exposing yourself to this boy you'll be thrown in jail and they'll throw away the key!

"Hey, I have an idea. I think I lost it running through your back yard. Can you help me find it?" you ask.

"Okay", he dutifully replies and runs to his yard. As soon as he does you run full steam. You run around the bend and past the crowd, not even looking at them the see if anyone's seen you.

You run past the tree line and sprint through the middle of the street the 4 blocks to your house. You get to your house and in horror realize that the door is locked. Worst of all people are starting to come home. What do you do? What CAN you do? You give up and let the whole neighborhood see everything.

You eventually get back inside when you tell one of your neighbors what happened and he calls a locksmith who also sees you naked, but who's counting on at this point? Eventually things return somewhat to normal but now you will always be known as "The Naked Lady".

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