A cute skirt, and blouse that you have not worn in a few years

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While Brandon is in the shower, you take all the clothes he had out of the bathroom. You leave him with a pair of your white panties, a bra, a cute pink skirt and a white top.

You exit the bathroom and wait outside. The shower water turns off and Brandon dries himself off.

"Why do you want me to wear girl clothes!" Brandon shouts through the door.

"Brandon... You are my best friend and I really like you. Since my mom died of cancer I have nobody to play dress up with. Please play dress up with me."

"Fine... but only because you are my best friend," Brandon relented unexpected quick.

Brandon walks out of the bathroom dressed how you asked him. You immediately give him a hug. "Oh Brandon. I think you look so very pretty," you say with a giggle.


He blushes.

You lead him to your room and continue the transformation into a girl. Your mother had a pretty black wig that she used to wear because of her chemotherapy. You put the wig on Brandon. Next you apply makeup to his face.

Brandon totally looks like a girl and a sexy-looking girl at that.

"We will call you Jade," you tell him.

Jade looks in the mirror, and says, "You know what? Dressing up like a girl is kind of fun."

You give Jade a soft kiss, making him blush even more, and say....


You are possessing:
8th Grade Emo Girl
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