A deal's a deal - go with the teen

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Status: In a bikini in a pool

Sighing, you nod. The boy gestures to his friends, and a half-dozen more boys swim over, leering at you. They're all tall and well-built and part of you can't help being aroused by the thought of them having their way with you.

You all get out of the pool, one after another, and your brow furrows in confusion as you're taken to what looks like the security office. The guard raises an eyebrow as you approach, but he smiles as he recognizes your initial captor. "Got a nice one today, huh?" he says.

You shudder at his attentions.

"Yeah, Uncle Zeke," the first boy you met says. "We need Room 103."

"All yours," Zeke says, "as long as I get my cut."

"Of course." You swallow as you wonder what he means by his cut. Probably he's going to take his own turn screwing your brains out when his rapist nephew is done with you.

You follow Zeke through the security office and he unlocks Room 103. The boys enter, forcing you to go with them, and Zeke locks the door behind you. The room is empty except for a metal toolbox, a long metal table, a stool, and chair.

What do the boys order you to do?

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