A drive in movie theatre

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Status: Naked, Bound, & Trapped Under A Car

You groan silently as you realize where you are. From the voices all around you, it sounds like the drive-in is packed. Even if you could free yourself, no way you could get out of here without someone seeing you. Then again, you can't stay trapped under this car for the rest of your life!

You keep struggling with your bonds for over half the movie, when finally the belt becomes unsnagged from whatever it was caught on. You're free - well from the car, anyway. Your wrists are still bound together. Besides, free to go where and do what?

"Pssst!" someone hisses from the car next to the one you were trapped under. Startled, you look up and see a friendly-looking young man sitting alone in the car. "Are you okay?"

You nod, cautiously.

"Want to get in? I have a spare blanket if you need it."

Thankfully, you slip in as discreetly as you can. The movie (or their own passions) are distracting the people around you. You slip into the passenger seat and scramble under the blanket. "Thank you so much!" you sigh with relief. "I owe you."

"Is everything okay?" he asks, looking at the belt around your wrists, which he unties. "Did someone hurt you? Do you need me to call the cops?"

You briefly describe your misadventures for the day. When you're done, he says "After the movie, I can drive you home if you want. Hope you don't mind my wanting to stick around for the rest of it. I'm really into horror movies like this one."

"Nah, it's okay. I'm actually glad for the chance to catch my breath a bit."

"Good. I dunno if you're into horror movies or not, but this is a good one. My name's Walt."

You smile and tell him your name, then turn your attention to the screen. It's a cheesy horror movie about a serial killer torturing beautiful women to death. It's pretty bad, but there are worse places you could be right now!

After a few minutes, he offers you a bottle of water.

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