A fat muddy pig

From Create Your Own Story

Still naked, you walk over to a very filthy pig pen, accompanied by the rancher. From the smell of it, you guess that most of the soggy “mud” that makes up the floor of the enclosure is actually pig shit. Swarms of horseflies buzz in the air. Lying like a rotting beached whale at one end of the pen is an enormous, bloated, grotesque male pig. The horseflies are especially thick around the disgusting animal.

“That there’s Beaumont,” says the rancher. “He won a blue ribbon at the county fair back ’87. Since then he’s let himself go a bit.”

“Is he dead?” you ask.

“No, no!” the rancher laughs. “He’s still got plenty of spring is his step. Believe you me, he’ll perk right up once he gets a whiff of that sweet pussy of yours.”

“I sure hope so,” you reply, getting wet at the thought. “Here,” you say, handing the rancher your iPhone. “Use this to capture it on video. Then you can upload it directly to my Facebook page.”

“Aw, heck. I never can figure out these newfangled gadgets,” the farmer replies, looking at the phone quizzically.

You take a couple of minutes to show him how to use the video capture and upload features, then climb over the fence and into the pen, followed closely by the rancher. Your bare feet sink several inches into the mud/shit. You squelch your way over to the prostrate animal, swatting away giant horseflies as you go. Even so, you sustain several bites, including one just above and to the left of your clit hood. You can see a large welt rising there. Once you reach the pig, you turn your attention to deciding what to do next.

You elect to:

You are possessing:
12th Grade Girl (Katy)
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