A golden dildo

From Create Your Own Story

You sit on the bed with the dildo you just found. You suck on the very tip for a bit, making sure to cover it with a good amount of spit, before you take off your clothes and rub the dildo against your entrance. As you begin to push the dildo into your ass, your virgin hole resists making you moan. Your tiny dick gets hard as you attempt to penetrate your body with the dildo until you finally manage to making you squirt large amounts of pre cum. You start to tremble, in your new body you can't help but feel scared of the slight pain, yet it turns you on so much!

You begin to rethink whether or not you want this that much. After a time you turn around and lay on the bed with your butt sticking in the air, while you stroke yourself and position the dildo to your virgin ass.


You are possessing:
5-year-old boy
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