A high school girl

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You start clicking options as you turn the model of yourself on the screen into a tarty high school girl.

"Sigh," you say to no one. "If only it was this easy, I maybe would have had a little more fun in real high school."

You turn your hair from dyed red to beach blonde, while wondering how it knew your hair was dyed. You shrink your height, lose some pounds, and grow your breasts to high and perky C-cups. They would have been nicely sized on their own, but on the model's tiny frame they look huge.

"Plastic surgeons, eat your heart out," you chuckle to yourself.

You start to fiddle with some of the more complex options.

"Hmm, just what should a WASPy high school cheerleader be like," you think to yourself, relieved that you are wrecking your mind on such silly thoughts rather than the tests from the past week.

You eliminate the body hair below your neck, increase flexibility, plump up your lips slightly, tan your skin a bit.

"After all, I would probably just spend my summer tanning at the beach," you think yourself, remembering all the summer jobs you worked to afford college.

After you think you've got everything just how you want it, you write your description in the comments box.

"I am 16-year-old high school girl whose aspirations in life are being the hottest girl in school, clothes, and getting on the JV Cheerleading squad."

You click save and suddenly feel your body transform. You get up to look in the mirror and notice that you have become the model from the computer program. You brush your long blond hair out of your brown eyes with your dainty hand. The room looks slightly bigger as you struggle to keep your now baggy clothes from falling off your youthful form. You stare at yourself in the mirror, peering at your pert little nose and rosy cheek. You are a wet dream. A pure fetishization of youth.

"OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD" You begin to yell, panicking at what just happened. "What have I done?!"

Do you:

Health Scared
Height 4’ ”11
Weight 99 lbs
Gender Female
Hair Bright Blond
Cup Size 30 C
Location Your Dorm
Clothes Falling off
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