A lost civilization nobody ever heard of

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Status: Naked and in the Past

As you gaze at your surroundings, you don't recognise any of the architecture of the surrounding buildings. Large stone buildings, carved with stone symbols on all sides, cover the valley in which you now stand. Mountains block the horizon on all sides and as you squint, you realise smaller buildings cover even those. As someone who studied all forms of history in high school and college, this sets off some red flags.

As you rise off the ground, another thing that sets off some red flags is the look the locals are giving you. Wearing skins and furs from animals, they are looking at you with curiosity plastered on their faces. The men also carry large arrows at their sides with a odd wooden piece of wood on the other side. If you say something wrong, they could probably skewer you in seconds. So you go for the most friendly response you think of.

"Hi," you say to no-one in particular, trying your best to smile.

The crowd start whispering around you. Although you're within earshot of them, you don't understand them at all. Some much for that Ancient Linguistics class you took.

Suddenly, the crowd parts, making way for a man and two woman to head towards you. The man is covered in furs, while the woman wear only skirts, their breast on display for the entire population. Both you and the man look at each other, trying to determine whether the other is a friend.

The man clearly makes up his mind first as he turns and shouts at the women accompanying him. They bow and walk over to you before they grab you by the arms, though it wasn't forcefully. They say something to you, though you raise your eyebrow as you don't understand what it was.

This clearly means the same thing in both cultures as when they see it, the point to the largest building in the valley. You nod and together you walk towards the building. When you reach it, you realise it is a temple, dedicated to their gods. Pictures on the walls depict the stories of their gods and their ancestors.

When you reach the centre of the building, a large number of men and woman are already present, all dressed like the people who brought you here. A woman stands above the rest, dressed in a headdress that so long, it doubles as a robe. She turns to her fellow priests and priestesses and talks for a few moments before she turns back and shouts something to the gathering of loyal followers. At the end of this monologue, she points at you and shouts something at you.

Its a name. The name of an ancient being.

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