A makeshift dungeon in a basement

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Trapped, exposed and gag

As you wake up you realize that the boys have dragged you into some sort of dungeon and put you into a stockade leaving your ass, tits, and pussy fully exposed. There are three more boys in addition to the first two; one if them steps towards you with a ring gag. You clamp your mouth shut and another boy pinches your nose closed. You hold your breath and refuse to be gagged until a third boy suddenly spanks you causing you to yelp, the first boy takes the opportunity to fit the ring into your mouth, forcing it open. Someone starts to fondle your rear but you are distracted from this by the boy who is pinching your nose roughly shoving his dick into your unwilling mouth. Another boy puts his dick into your ass. You spend the next few hours being slapped, fondled, and fucked. The worst part of the night is listening to the boys plan as they leave the dungeon behind, "Some superhero she is, huh?"

"Yeah, she should've stuck to being a slut."

"That's a great idea, we outta help her do just that."

You need to get out of here, you begin to struggle.

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