A man walks into the laundromat and sees you

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Blushing

You're so wrapped up in your magazine that you don't notice when the door opens and a man walks in. You do notice when his voice sounds, very close to you.

"Hello, sexy."

You blush furiously and try to cover up with your hands. "Um... hello."

"Nice to see an actual customer," he grins. "I own this laundromat. Luckily my other businesses are doing well."

You take a closer look at him. Tall, brown-haired, and you judge that he's about in his early 30's. "That explains why this place stays open."

The man draws the shades covering the windows. "Since you're... well... naked, shall we have a little fun?" He softly caresses your right breast and gently kisses your neck. It feels good.

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