A med student wolf girl

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You burst into your roommate Sam's room, she is in her underwear getting changed. She looks at you in surprise "DUDE WTF, OH DUDE WTF YOUR DICK". She looks at you and then your dick and back at you "OH DUDE LUCKY YOU GOT A BREEDER COCK." You look at her baffled and say "A what?"

She giggles and starts sliding her panties down, while looking at your huge erect cock. She says "It means you can fuck for days and your babies wether you fuck a fur folk or human will always be human. I am not exactly interested in the whole baby thing but I got pills for that, I am really interested in the fuck for days part if your interested." She then goes over and crawls on her bed, and starts shaking her big bare furry ass at you.

Furry Status
Health 100 Equipment:

Pajamas Huge Breeder Cock

Gender X
Species Human
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